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Dancer - Performer - Choreographer - Dance Pedagogue

Quem Sou


Stephanie Day *born in 1991 in São Paulo, Brazil, is a freelance dancer, performer, choreographer, and dance teacher based in Berlin. She was only four when she started dedicating herself to classical Ballet – graduating from the Royal Academy of Dance 13 years later. 

In Berlin, where she lives and works since 2017, she has graduated from the "UDK Berlin"  with a degree in Dance Pedagogy and Choreography and at "Die Etage Berlin" in Performative Arts with focus on Contemporary Dance. 

As a dancer and performer she has collaborated with different Dance Companies, Collectives and Directors such as Chaim Gebber Open Scene, Daniela Marcozzi, HELMNOT Theater, Kabinet Mirage, Colmeia Collective, Isabella Parkinson, Claudia Gonçalves and Grupo de Dança Experimento.   

Stephanie is a member of the "Marcozzi Contemporary Theater" , a Physical Theater Company based in Berlin, where she has been performing in some company productions and developing her experience in the encounter of Dance and Theater.


As a choreographer, Stephanie has been working recently with actors and performers, bringing contemporary dance and choreography to a context where dance is not the main language. 


As a dance pedagogue, she offers courses for children, teenagers and adults, teaching Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Urban Dance and Contemporary Dance mixed with Brazilian Dance Styles. 



+49 0179 1363885

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